Thursday, 4 May 2017

A -hopefully brief- blog break

This is my cat.
Her name is Misty (It was my moms idea to call her that, if I was in charge I'd call her something cooler like CAPTAIN AWESOME or something). I call her MizzyMoo, MizzMizz, Mizzeen, My Little PorkChop, The Great Mizushi (sometimes Malice and Mizery when she's being moody and emo). Anyway, my little Mizzy is a little unwell. Here she is looking a bit rough after a trip to the vet (before the sedatives wore off).

She's a bit poorly at the minute and is on medication for her kidneys for the next two weeks before another round of tests to see if she's feeling better. Last I checked, she wasn't doing too bad, she was purring and slapped me on the nose with her paw (she's in good form when she's sassy). Anyway, between my second semester deadlines creeping up, and my little furbaby being poorly, I can't bombard you with posts like I did last month (even though I had commitments and deadlines then too). Hopefully in a fortnight I can sit down and post my usual Marvel Monthly and HOPEFULLY HOPEFULLY a snip of good news that Mizz's kidneys are fighting fit. She's looking much better (although patchy after getting shaved for blood tests) so the tablets must be helping a little, but we won't be sure till she gets a follow up test. 

I got my actors cheque not too long ago (somehow it got lost/forgotten/vanished but casting dept were lovely and sorted me out a couple of weeks back) pretty much every penny was poured into getting this little mite tested and treated, hopefully she gets good news and no more vet trips!! Of course, her health is priceless, so spending my wages on her instead of camera equipment or a dress was no loss. She's my greatest treasure. 

Please stick around folks, I love posting my thoughts and ramblings here and can't wait to get back into blogging once my little MizzMuzz is strong again.