Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Pucker Up Powerfully!

I was wearing my NYX Cosmic Metals lippy today and, quite frankly feeling fabulous AF about it and after getting a wonderfully-wonderful grade on my presentation (it was about Captain America!!! so I gave it 200% effort) I was struck with the urge to write a blog post and I have no idea how I put the two together, but hey, Lipstick and Superheros, I’m down to clown with that.

I picked mostly NYX because I love the brand, its cheap, works well on my sensitive skin (the lipstick I mean, the eyeliner is a little harsher but I'm very sensitive), it's also SUPER vibrant and has crazy shades that are hard to find at affordable prices elsewhere. Also, since I moved to Belfast ... I've lost my mind for NYX products, they don't have any decent NYX outlets in the South so I'm OBSESSED while I have the chance to easily stock up on NYX. 

The eyeliner and liquid eyeshadow is great too, but the lipstick is the product I scoop up en masse from NYX. Without further ado, lets see what shades and styles I pair with each hero/villain. It's Marvel (as usual), but I'd dare to make a DC edition if people suggested heroes/villains for me to swatch!!! 


NYX Cosmic Metals in the shade "Out of This World". I have this shade strictly because LOOOOKIIII, but it certainly suits Hela and Amora the Enchantress just as well! It’s so fab, honestly you don’t need to wear ANY other colour in your outfit, just pair this lipstick with all black or an all white look and it’s ALL the glamour you need. Any shade of green is obviously a nod to these green-clad characters, but what makes Cosmic Metals so perfect for this trio of villainous magic-users is the shimmery metallic shine. It really does add a spark of magic to your lips. 


I know Natasha usually wears a leathery/PVC-shiny suit in the comics, but for some reason, she strikes me as the type to wear a matte lipstick. NYX liquid suede in Alien is just a matte black and it doesn't come off when you drink tea which is great not that Tasha spends all her time sitting around drinking Earl Grey.  I think she'd look great with a two-tone red/black ombre lip in a matte shade
I found some cool inspo on google, but really there are tonnes of cool ways to channel Natasha. A strong red lip, a strong black, or a combo of the two never fail!


Silver or grey of course, something to contrast with those messy smudgy black racoon-eye makeup you simply MUST wear when channeling Brainwashed-Bucky! I thought NYX Macaron lippies in Grey Sesame done the trick. I adore this cool look combining the black and grey, both are NYX lipsticks.
Src: Crafty Lady Abby


I haven't tried Makeup Monsters before, but they have this crazy-cool style and selection and their entire site is SOLD OUT, so they must be pretty damn good. I'd love to try them out in the future. This shade is called GI Jane. 

Hulkling, She-Hulk and the Hulk are different to the other green-lippie-God's in that 1. They aren't Gods or Goddesses or Asgardians like Hela, Loki and Amora, 2. They aren't magic users, 3. Their green palettes tend to have lighter green shades rather than the deeper emerald and jade colours associate with Hela, Loki and Amora. 

Although Hulkling is a Kree-Skrull hybrid and in no way related to (human) Bruce and Jennifer (Hulk and She-Hulk) who are cousins, this trio share a similar palette. I think Hulkling has a slightly darker and earthier yellow-green shade where as Bruce and Jennifer have a lighter shade which leans closer to a mint green, then again, it depends on the comics colourists and style. Either way, they are closer related in their branch of the green family than the Asgardian bunch! GI Jane seems to lean close enough to both Hulkling and She-Hulk + The Hulk so I think it could work for all three.  


Couldn't mention Hulkling WITHOUT mentioning Wiccan, and after my latest Monthly Marvel Inspiration post (#5), I couldn't not include some makeup stuff for my favourite Sorcerer. NYX Cosmic Metals has a couple of blue and purply shades. I think Dark Nebula shade ticks all the right boxes, but you can't go wrong with any of the blue-toned Cosmic Metals, I think mixing a couple of shades together would also look cool. 


Wouldn't be Wasp if it wasn't vibrant yellow! I got this one (NYX Macaron Lippies in Citron) although I'm finding it hard to really work it into my makeup routine... I'm not that great at makeup, but it is a fantastic colour. A yellow eye paired with a black lip can work just as effectively as an alternative look if you can't work the yellow lipstick. A gold would be easier to pull off I think, but it wouldn't have the same "Wasp" effect as a nice vibrant lemon-yellow.


Songbird needs a vibrant, strong pink to match her hair and sonic wings. I think NYX Liquid suede in Pink Lust works a treat, it's such a shockingly-pink shade. 
Black and pink or white and pink ombre would look really cool. I like the white and pink a lot but theres lots of room to experiment with Songbirds shades. 


Kate Bishop AND Clint Barton both rock a strong purple! I also think Kate would work a matte/suede finish lipstick rather than shimmery/glittery, perhaps I only see the magic users wearing shimmer/glitter lipstick, that seems to be the case so far since Wiccan and Hela, Loki and Amora are the only heroes and villains I pair with metallics! 


NYX are releasing four more Cosmic Metals shades, I think the gold is perfect for Moonstone in her old look (white and gold) and also her current T-Bolts look. 
As for a red-Moonstone look, I have Urban Decay VICE liquid lipstick in the shade Trap, it's a beautiful crimson with a gold glittery fleck in it. The gold is subtle and the red suits her current T-Bolts look and it's TOTALLY SMUDGE PROOF once the colour sets. It's one of my all-time favourite lipsticks although at roughly €20 per lipstick ... It's an investment, I can get three or four NYX lippies for that price.

What's your favourite shade? What other heroes and villains do you think should have a lipstick shade? Do you buy lipsticks based upon the colour palettes of your favourite comic book characters? Is it weird that that's what I do?