Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Monthly Marvel Inspiration #5

After last months whopper post, I thought I almost deserved a break! Then I remembered that blogging takes dedication and I'm not exactly the worlds best blogger so I had to persevere and here we are!!! Yet another MMI.

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This edition is my fave former-Young Avenger, Billy Kaplan, a.k.a Wiccan!! He's basically me if I was a magical mutant dating an Alien-Prince-of-Space! Wiccan is geeky, like an uber-nerd and pretty damn stylish, he's also a half-twin like me and a brunette, so that means we're practically the same person right minus the whole reality warping chaos magic powers stuff! So I thought it would be fun to play with his signature style in a way you can wear every day. Since he has a few variations of looks, I decided to focus on key elements, so, space/galaxy prints, red and a palette that's largely limited to blues, blacks, silver and navy shades.

Avengers Academy introduced Wiccan, Hulkling and Cassie Lang (a.k.a Stinger) in an event not too long ago, Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) and America Chavez were introduced before Wiccan, Hulkling and Stinger. I love how Avengers Academy also play with the character designs in different level outfits. It's fun to level up your characters and watch them go from casual jeans-n-shirt sort of clothes to a variation (or sometimes exact copy) of their superhero suits from the comics.

I'm one step away from maxing out Wiccan's level so I'll have his Demiurge look woo! I really dig the concepts though, how wicked is his hoodie in the first and second sketches? I love the way the ties/button are to the side, asymmetry NEVER looks uncool. Avengers Academy sort of do what I do with my MMI, it's really fun to see how they play with various character outfits for different levels and events/costumes. 

I really dig the idea of retro-futurism and that sort of style so I attempted to bring in a bit of that because Wiccan seems the type of guy to dig retro stuff (his favourite movie is The Sound of Music which is older than he is so that something).

Wiccan MMI

I thought the spiffy jacket looked pretty retro, and the glasses, jewellery and fishnet tights. Serious old-school vibes yknow. So this look is a little quirky. I see a lot of these galaxy skater skirts and they're pretty hard to style to be quite honest. It's easy to just tone it down with blacks or whites and let the galaxy do the work, but superheroes usually get to look a little flashy so I threw in the red to make this outfit ... pretty damn loud. But hey, why the heck not. I really love the girly skirt paired with the rough-n-ready stompy Doc Martin boots and fishnet tights. Haven't seen fishnets in style for quite a while but they seem to be making a major comeback and I'm low-key excited!

Wiccan look

Okay, this is considerably more toned down. The black patent ankle booties pick up on that PVC/lycra-spandex sort of thing Wiccan's got goin' on. I know most of us wouldn't be brave enough to wear head to toe lycra-spandex, so kudos to heroes for doing it for us I'd give it a go for a convention maybe but lets be honest, it's not something you can wear every day. I knew I wanted to put gold shorts in this look but without the cheap/tin-foil-look booty shorts, so these dark gold metallic/glittery shorts are perfect. The gold is more brassy and dark kind of like Wiccan's, rather than a vibrant gold-gold, and the length is a bit more modest and everyday-wear-friendly. Paired with a peplum because they're flattering as all hell, and a long oversized red-cardi because we can't all wear capes every day. The cuffs and alice-band mimic Wiccan's wrist and head accessories and to introduce some of his signature blue/lightning magic theres some cute earrings with a similar shade gem in the middle! 

So there you have it, one wacky and one less-wacky Wiccan look. I sorta wish I didn't toss out my old peplum top now but I didn't know how to style it before. What a shame!!!

Who's up next month? I have no idea but now I want to do all of the Young Avengers (send help)! Stay tuned till then.